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Farmington Hills Basement Remodeling – We Have Ideas and Suggestions

In Farmington Hills, basements are often forgotten as an integral part of the home. Basements for many are considered just a place for extra storage space and a place for safety during a tornado. With strategic creativity and planning, you can transform your home’s basement can be converted into an area to be a productive part of your home.

Bella Craft Renovation is the leading renovation company in Farmington Hills and our professionals are ready to assist in helping your home’s basement achieve its potential.  Call us today at  (734)578-2107

Is Your Basement Wasted Space?

Is your basement just wasted, unused space? If you have thought about renovating it, then consider the following suggestions for remodeling inspiration:

Home Office – Now many are working remotely from home and extra space is needed. Maybe you need a quiet place to study, or a space to work on an important project.  Your basement can easily become a quiet, peaceful place perfect for a basement office.

Entertainment – Turn your basement into a home movie theater by simply adding a projector, stadium seating, and a popcorn maker.

Playroom – A place for kids to play can make a home more conducive to family living especially if you have younger children. A basement playroom with soft carpet, toy storage, and large floor space.

Laundry Room – Some homes have limited space for a laundry room. Moving your laundry area to the basement opens up plenty of room to add the amenities you have dreamed about. All it takes is relocating the washer and dryer, installing cabinets for soap, laying down a table for folding, hanging racks for clothes to dry, and more.

Suite – Do you need space for an elderly parent or another adult? If so, a live-in suite is an exceptional choice for revamping your basement. For this design, a bedroom, bathroom, and living room can be constructed for optimal comfort and privacy.

Rec Room – The home’s basement is by nature a great location for convenient exercise, whether it’s for weightlifting, running, bicycling, or even martial arts. It’s typically the coolest area of the house, making exercise more desirable.

Basement Remodeling in Farmington Hills, MI – A Few Things to Consider

Before you begin the planning stage of your basement remodel, in Farmington Hills, there are a few things that must be taken into consideration that will directly affect the cost of remodeling.

The specifics of how the room will be used matter:

Is the basement finished or unfinished?

Timing – How quickly do you need the basement completed?

Home Systems – Your basement is the headquarters for your home’s systems:  plumbing for sinks, baths, and toilets, as well as water heaters, furnaces, and HVAC systems. Designs must consider these since they cannot be relocated.

Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Permits – Permits are required if you add electricity, plumbing, or new living space.

Water Proofing – Waterproofing to prevent water leakage and reduce the potential for water damage.

Farmington Hills Basement Remodeling

Your Farmington Hills basement does not have to remain as the home’s storage unit. Bella Craft Remodeling’s team of professionals is well versed in gathering your ideas and incorporating the requirements of your basement and presenting workable solutions for an amazing basement transformation.

Basement Design is our specialty here at Bella Craft Renovation and we are here to help transform your space as you wish. Contact the leader in Farmington Hills Basement Remodeling today @  (734)578-2107

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